super bowl party tips - go team neutral!

It's that time of year! Time to gear up for a party that is as American as the 4th of July. SUPER BOWL Sunday is this weekend, and we've got some fresh tips to keep the boys happy AND keep it CHIC!
This year I don't have a dog in this fight, so I thought it would be great to play Team Neutral as the hostess. This is fun because you can create a level playing field and atmosphere for your party guest to battle it out. I love this theme because this way you are not stuck with lots of items in specific colors. You will find a way to use anything black and white in the future. Team Neutral all the way!

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No one wants to miss a down on this day so creating drink stations will instantly score you lots of best hostess points. Grab some buckets from your local hardware store and fill them with beer and champagne and place around the space. This way there is no traffic jam to get a drink and the stations can be easily moved so no one has to leave the couch.
Not into beer or champs (are you in the right place if champs is not your thing?)? Our acrylic trays are a perfect way to create a portable cocktail station. Pour mixers into glass carafes for a great spot of color. For more color and to make sure your guest can make a proper cocktail, slice a few limes and oranges and toss a few extra whole ones in a bowl on the station.

On to the snacks.  No one likes a double dipper, eh, eh, wink. Use individual cups for dip and pair with parchment paper lined trinket trays for chips. Megaphones from a party store make a fun, perfectly sized keeper for popcorn, chips, pretzels and other snacks.
This is a Behind the Scenes look at us prepping for our segment.  Notice anything?  Flowers! Flowers always at a party even if we are talking football!  Be sure to check out the full spread on Saturday AM on HLN's Weekend Express!

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