chic color: iron blue

Picked up the latest issue of Color Made Easy from the team over at BHG?? I am professing my total love for Iron Blue by Ralph Lauren.  This color takes our total love affair with navy blue to a whole - other - level!I've used this color in my bedroom and everyone who walks in ask me what is this blue! It is so moody and inky, and just screams sophistication. My bedroom is a glass box in the sky with floor to ceiling windows so I am getting a total flood of light all day long. I do think it is nice to have so much natural light when using this kind of deep, saturated color.

Yes!  This is the paint chip and this is the color on the wall!  See?  So, so, so important to work with color in your actual space!  Nothing is what it seems in a paint store.

The thing that I am most obsessed with is how many personalities this color has.  Really, she is totally manic.  Sometimes she is very vibrant and more on the true blue side as in the collage above.  Other times she really let's her green under tones show.  It is the green undertones that sold me as the perfect pairing with our navy blue headboard. Come back for a future post to see how they are a match made in heaven!

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