he said, she said: negotiating florals

dark floral wallpaper
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The battle of the masculine and feminine living harmoniously in one space rages on. What do you do if you L-O-V-E florals and your man friend just gives you that face?  I have some ways that you can get to that magical relationship word...compromise! This He said, She said is all about negotiating florals.

I know, I hear you, this Ellie Cashman wallpaper is k i l l e r, right?!  There is no sneaking this one in. It is bold and high impact to the max. That is what make it ah-maz-ing! How do you get some floral love into your space without it becoming world war three? Read on for a few tips.

1. Go BIG in the TINY spaces.
This wallpaper is so perfect for a powder room where just about anything goes. I love a bold powder room because it is not something you will see everyday and you can just close the door! It will be a big impact surprise for your guests.

leather bench
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2. Mix hard and "masculine" materials with your florals.
This black marble is the perfect surface to offset these lush pink blooms. The balance and tension between hard and soft is what we are looking for here to win over the boy in the space!  When in doubt, leather will always save the day like this great bench from West Elm.

graphic wallpaper
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3. Mix your florals (or foliage) with graphics.  
This is one of my FAVORITE ways to create that lovely tension with florals. Florals and graphic designs and geometrics are the perfect mix of hard and soft.  

4. Pop in a tailored element.
LOVING this dresser!  Bringing in a clean tailored piece will very clearly and quickly show your man friend that you are all about shared space happiness. The gold finishes on the right are so amazing set against the scrip black. Everything is this space is giving that throw back feeling. I think that wallpaper is actually clouds, but you can see how a gray tonal floral would have the same effect.
chesterfield leather sofa
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5.  When in doubt bring in a timeless "masculine" piece to save the day.
You can never go wrong with a classic. Mixing in a little lodge feel or an updated chesterfield will always do the trick.  

All in all, I would rather prefer spaces that have a push and pull and a tension. It makes things so much more interesting, no? What are some of the ways you negotiate with the boys in your space?

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