á la maison: bar cart

Sometimes it is all in the details.  Let me just say that when I came home with this treasure of a dresser from and said, "look babe our new bar!" I got more than just a little eyebrow raise.  This bone inlay beauty was just too good to pass up and of course we needed some fun texture in the space. So... she stayed.

Turning this little space into a fun cocktail making focal point was all in the details.  First up, new hard ware for my antique market find. I went through a few samples, but these gold pulls from Anthropologie totally changed the whole vide of this piece in an instant. Magic!

We had these shelves custom made with reclaimed wood off a barn in North Carolina. The were stained ebony and I asked the fabricator to source some leather to incorporate in this way. Originally I wanted them to float, but the wood itself if just to heavy for the hold up with out some additional support.  My idea was to bring in some masculine elements first so when I wanted to bring in more feminine accents there would be no problem.  See..see what I did there? 

I found this little gem of a tray at my new favorite antique shop!  I still want to find a couple of other trays to add to the mix, but this is a good start, don't you think?  I'll finish things off with a couple of pieces of leaning art and tea lights for evening entertaining. This little story is getting there!


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