allons-y: pack like a parisian

packing for a trip abroad The summer is upon us and I know you have some great escapes planned! Of course you want to look great, but the last thing you want is to be weighed down with lots of luggage. We won't even talk about things getting lost - never a good way to start a vacay. Here are some of my secrets for getting it all into a little rolling carry on and hefty, but cute "personal" bag.

1. The second (aka personal) bag is everything!!

If you are really committed to joining the no-check crew, you've got to find a second carryon that can go the distance. This is the key to it all! I like my second bag to work like luggage, but not look like luggage because I can use it while on my trip.  I got this one from Anthropologie a few years back and I love it. Look for bags classified as overnight bags instead of totes. They are larger and likely have an actual zipper closure, not a measly snap. Safety first - I must have a bag that closes fully.

I can get everything in here! My laptop, camera gear, and anything I couldn't get into my rolling luggage!  Usually make up and jewelry wind up in here when I am really pushing the limits!

packing cords and techpacking to carry on

2. Everything must to double (at least) duty.

If it is a pouch, it is also a clutch. These soft beaded pouches below are the perfect way to transport all your tech extras, converters and accessories. Once you arrive at your destination, you instantly have extra clutch options. Since you may be wearing mostly basics that can mix and match and go the distance, you will want to punch things up with your accessories, so this is a big win!

efficient packing tipswhat to pack for a trip abroad

3. Let's talk footwear.

On this particular trip to Paris, there was the possibility for some drastic swings in the temperature. So I had to be prepared. Shoes take up the most real estate so it's crucial to choose wisely. You don't need a whole posse of shoes! Sandals are kind of the exception because they don't take up a ton of space, but do you reeeeally need more than one? Probably not. You need one (yes, one) pair of heels that can go with anything but that doesn't mean you're limited to black! You must have one pair that you can last in all day. Personally, I prefer wandering cities in closed toe shoes because, you just never know. Have you ever been caught in the rain in NYC in sandals, ick! All of this just may be the virgo in me though! Be realistic about comfort and wear your chunkiest shoes on the plane.

what shoes should i pack?outfit inspiration for a trip to paris

4. A leather jacket goes a long, long, long way.

Unless I am headed to the beach, I pretty much always have a leather jacket in tow. This one is a bit heavier because we were headed to London and Paris in October, but a lighter one is a staple as well.  You can where it on the plane for sure and it is perfect for nights out with jeans or a cocktail dress (above).  Don't leave home without it!


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