chic color: pink is the new neutral

blush pink home accessories

1/ copper pendant light 2/ blush pink and black graphic throw  3/ blush pink and metal chair platter 4/ blush and navy floral pillow 5/ pink cushion 6/ baroque platter

It is quite possible we will look back in a few years and feel like we just had a Miami Vice revival, but for now, no one can get enough of blush pink! Yes, it has been happening for some time now, but we are still totally on board! We were confident it was coming down the pike in a big way when we introduced our Une Femme collection, and we are thrilled to see it's had staying power.

In it's softest iteration, it is the new neutral (go to the last clip). It has all the warmth many of us are looking for in more traditional neturals with a little added personality. Bonus - blush is the perfect base for almost any color palette. You can go with browns, blacks or grays and they all pair beautifully. You can pop in brights or more saturated primary colors like an emerald green and it all works!

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This is the perfect way to add in a little pink without creating world war three with the boys in the house! I love that they only painted a couple of the shelves here, so clever. This is a fantastic way to touch on any color really that you love now, but know you may not be in for a long term relationship. Little pops like this are really easy to change up when you are ready for something new.

rooms with blush pink

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I love takes on trends that are not so literal. The fresh options in metallics like rose gold and copper can give your space the blush feeling without going full on pink. These new metallics will have some legs so it is a nice time to play with new options in hardware, pulls, fixtures, and lighting.  All sterling or nickel is feeling a bit dated at the moment.

Textiles are always a fantastic way to experiment with any trend in color because they are so low commitment. If you are a little gun shy or just want a taste of the color, pick up a new throw blanket or pillow and give the color a test run.

blush pink in home decor

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