he said, she said: pastel paradise

pink front door
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Ok. Here is the scoop. Pastels are happening. Here is how you get him on board. First, you remind him that real men wear pink. ;-) But really. Here are a few more tips to help you have your pastel paradise.

1. There can be no light without the dark.

All those pastels look so yummy paired with black, dark grays, and deep navy blues. The dark colors are a much needed grounding element to the softness of the pastels and create a balance between the masculine and feminine.

2. Take it outside

If the boys in the house are not feeling your passion for pastels, take it outside. A pretty pastel front door is a fantastic first statement.

beach bathroom ideas
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3. Try a pastel kissed neutral.

This painted beadboard is everything!  This is actually a blue-tinged-gray according to the original source. I love the tone of the wood they have chosen. The color pairs so well and would be great with a range of pastels.  

pastel home accessories
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4. Accessories are always the answer.

You can always win with accessories! This will always be an easy sell because it won't feel so permanent.

dining room color
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5. Just a kiss.

Pastels can serve as a neutral if you use colors that have just a little kiss of color. This dining room color is so incredibly chic and can create a fantastic base for a variety of styles.

white bedroom
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6. Sometimes a little conflict is good!

This bench!!!  Could this bench please just appear in my bedroom, please??  S O M E things are just worth fighting for. Sometimes is takes one piece to satisfy that itch for a current trend. Something like this can work with so many palettes and design styles. Fight the good fight friends!

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