chic color: goldenrod

gold sofa
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Let's start off the week on a happy foot shall we? Can we talk about yellow for a second? Truth be told, this has never been one of my favorite hues on the face of things. However, I am a sucker for a good mustard, saffron or even goldenrod. A chic yellow needs to be a little dirty for me. There has got to be some earth and gravity so it does not venture into the the sunny, overly cheery yellow arena. Nothing wrong with all things sunny - just not my cuppa tea.

If you are thinking, wait, aren't we supposed to be going ga-ga over blush and all things pastel? Well, absolutely! B u t, all that sweet, yet sophisticated blush needs a friend - an interesting friend! I propose goldenrod or saffron.

saffron yellow wall color
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marigold velvet pillow
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