our top trend picks for 2019

Green is trending hot for 2019, especially in home decor and interior styling

The Grass is Greener On This Side

First let's acknowledge that we are fully on board with Pantone's Color of the Year pick, however in the immediate year ahead get ready to see A TON of deep, rich green in the home space. This is really great news and actually the perfect next step for all you lovers of navy, blush, mustard, icy blue (it's coming), and yes the Pantone callout for blush as well. This deep, jewel-toned green wins the superlative title Plays Well With Others in the year book.

Retro Redux and Curves: ’70s Inspired Styles
If you are ready to move out of the midcentury-modern world of the 50's, this is the trend for you. Clearly inspired by all of the retro concepts coming down the runways as well as the current reverence for all things Palm Springs, get ready to get groovy. Look for metallic updates to chrome and silver, a shot of mustard yellow, rounded exaggerated shapes in furniture, and retro appliances with current technology.

Serengeti Style 
The leopard print has come on STRONG! It is like the big bang. The was nothing and then suddenly there was everything. Clearly, animal print is always somewhere in the design vernacular, but wow! there has been a full on explosion in the past year and it will continue on into 2019.

Colored glass is making its way back to home decor in 2019

Colored Glass 
This is interesting trend to me, and it is growing on me. We are seeing colored glass pieces in all kinds of intriguing iterations - from the palest hint of color to super deep and saturated. It feels fresh and modern and is sure to be a conversation starter.

Saturated Spice 
Look out for spice inspired shades like turmeric, mustard, burgundy, chile, and paprika. These colors will help to reinforce the 70's shapes trend. However, the saturation level will be elevated and in some cases may be pushed just up to the neon point to keep the retro look modern and fresh.

Menswear inspired pieces for women, 2019 fashion trend

His and Hers

Masculine meets feminine with these clever combinations of suiting-inspired plaids and tweeds with soft feminine lines and materials.

What trends are you seeing on the runways or in home? Share in the comments below! 

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