5 ways to treat yo'self

Toujours les Fleurs
Florals are a quick and easy way to add some lightness and sweetness to a space, whether in your entry way, on your desk, or in the kitchen. Pick up a few stems from your local market or grocery store  – we particularly love white hydrangeas. It is amazing how something so simple can elevate your mood and the atmosphere of your space.

Go on, get a massage
Sooo... when you figure out massages are an option with your FSA, you book a hour of "you" time. Go on, you have permission. Do it!

Gather your Girls
Have you seen these recent articles about how frequent time spent with your gal pals is proven to have health benefits? I always knew I needed it, but it wasn't until I missed an annual girls trip one year that I realized the gravity. I didn't feel quite right for months. Now I know a girls weekend (or two) is on the non-negotiable list.

Go for a long walk
Sounds small, but when all the pressures of the day are always calling, this can feel quite indulgent. Sometimes you have to put the rest of the world on hold and get some fresh air into your lungs and brain.

Spend time doing nothing
It might sound unconventional in a culture that rewards being "busy" all the time, but guess what, "busy-ness" is not healthy or sustainable, and it's counterproductive (major gasp!). Whether you have five minutes or 30 minutes to spare, we double-dog dare you to flip your phone on airplane mode, close your laptop screen, put your messenger on 'do not disturb' and just sit. Be still. Drop your shoulders away from your ears. Listen to your breath. Look out the window. Let your mind wander. If nothing else, these moments of stillness can be the best way to treat yourself for zero dollars. 

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