chic color: a convo about yellow

yellow and pink color palette

Truth. When Pantone was about to announce the color of the year I said to Niki hands down it is yellow. Alas, we are midway through a year of Greenery. Look, color is subjective. Sometimes even the leaders of the pack can miss the mark. Don't get me wrong, I love green, I just don't love this particular iteration of green.
Let's instead talk about what I do love and what I do think makes sense for the moment du jour. Last week when an email popped into my inbox from Domino calling yellow the color of the summer, I was all "Yessssss! Finally someone GETS me!" (wink wink).
Let us not forget that at the end of the day none of this really matters.  I mean, it matters to me because it is kinda my thing and I am obsessed with color.  I am more obsessed however with you finding who you are in your space.  At the end of the day no matter what color you "should" be loving at the moment YOU must live with the color in your home.  #endrant
yellow home accessories

I completely agree that we could all use a bit of optimism right now (this is part of the greenery storyline), but I think a muted, slightly dirty yellow is more in line with where we currently are with color. I love the way it pairs with blush. I love the way it works with navy. I love that it can feel grounding and blend into the background or totally steal the show.

Like this palette.
In this room.
I mean, c'mon, I know you want to live here!

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T Emery

I have not been a fan of yellow until the past couple of years because I could not get past the screechy Crayola yellows of grade school. Plus, the opposite of blue on a Pantone color wheel is Orange not yellow. Yellow’s most vibrant complement is purple (which is why so many school colors are purple and gold). If you want to watch navy vibrate with intensity you need orange….and an imagination. Orange is also pumpkin, certain bronzes, and copper, and deep gold metallics, red orange. The yellow sample above is gorgeous because the color you have put with – on my monitor – has a green base which pairs beautifully with the yellow. Plus, I just reread all this and I sound like a preachy jerk. Sorry! I am fascinated by color and the interplays and the affect it has on all of us. I have not understood why designers have been using so much yellow with blue when it does nothing to enhance either one. The yellows in your post are a revelation to me! I think if you used deep royal purple, the deepest greens, deep peacock, it could be a fresh surprise.

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