chic color: deep green

green is the chicest color of the season
images via domino and Jessica Durrant

The green is happening friends. Embrace it and embrace it fully because it is here to stay. Fashion, home, accessories, and everything in between will be full on forest for the forceable future. My theory is the current sustainability push and an incredible and rapid disconnection from nature is leaving us longing to get back to our roots. We are meant to be outside interacting with nature every single day. Modern life has taken us in another direction entirely. Whether consciously or not, we will all always be deeply drawn to this color. Green is nature's neutral. You will have no problem working this color into your existing wardrobe and into your current decor. It works across all styles from traditional to ultra modern (think sculptural plant life). This color invites you to breathe deeply, hug a tree, and settle back into that feeling of oneness we are all looking for. How have you embraced nature's neutral? Comment and let us know!  

decorating with green in the home
images via domino

Lulu and Georgia high contrast interiors
image via Lulu & Georgia

green is a holiday staple
images via Dolce & Gabbana and Khristian A. Howell

Green is popping up in fashion accessories
images via Nasty Gal and Anthropologie

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