chic color: millennial pink

Grab a seat and strap in friends. This one is not going anywhere for at the very least a hot second.

There really is no need to fret. This is not a new show trick. First of all we have all been totally in lurve with blush pink for going on next to forever at this point. Let's not get our lacy panties in a bunch just because the word millennial is pared with one of our all time favorite hues. If it is an easier pill to swallow, don't think pepto. Think of this (I will still refer to the color as blush) as a soft, sophisticated, fresh, new neutral jumping off point to create new concepts of color palettes.

There is one thing I feel the current prevalence of this color does represent for the millennial nation - the issue of gender. Between the resurgence of the feminist movement to the issue of civil rights for transgender individuals, this color seems to have taken on a new power and meaning. There is a shifting of power happening in the world. Are we getting lighter, brighter, more willing to listen to our intuition, dare I say more feminine? Or perhaps we are living through the shifting of things back to center after centuries of a patriarchal society?

What I do know is a little pink never hurt anyone!

S/S 2017 Valentino

Fashion is Valentino Spring 2017: Valentino perfectly illustrates the range and depth of this color - modern and sophisticated to sweet to a great balance for any vibrant hue.

orianna slub velvet sofa pink
Orianna Sofa

C'mon, you know you want it!

pink boothsImage source

blush book cover summer reading
Love x Style x Life by Garance Doré

blush pink packaging

Glossier (left) / KAH blush phone case (right)



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