Chic Color: PPG Paint 2019 Color of the Year

ppg paint night shade color of the year 2019Let the color announcements begin!  First out of the gate - PPG Paint names Night Watch the 2019 Color of the Year.  I am feeling this deep, rich green.  Night Watch feels like a good evolution of navy as an updated neutral.  In fact when we painted our bedroom Iron Blue by Ralph Lauren, I was drawn to it particularly because of the green undertones.

anthropologie green coucch

This color feels right on time as we have seen it in home furnishings now for a while.  Now that we are comfortable seeing it on large staple pieces like this couch, it is easier to see it wall to wall.

color of the year 2019 feng shui

I particularly love how easy this color will be to work with the still going pastel color palettes.  However, is is a great base for exploring more saturated color palettes as well.

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