5 reasons collaboration is key

A creative collaboration is in progress! Atlanta photographer Kimberly Murray and I are cooking up something go-o-o-oood! It feels so good to be creating so I wanted to share some thoughts...

working on a collaboration project

One of my favorite books to read with L is a book by Compendium (LOVE THEM) called What Do You Do With An Idea? One of my favorite lines in the book is about learning to walk on your hands because it is good to see things differently. Brilliant, yes? This is my favorite part of collaboration projects. I love watching other people walk around an idea, concept or situation. It is like I can literally feel the new synapses coming alive in my brain. It is so easy for us to get comfortable with our way of thinking and seeing events and the world at large. Creativity is truly contagious. Be insatiable in the pursuit and fearless in sharing.

working on a collaboration project with Kimberly Murray

It happens to all of us. One day we wake up and feel like nothing is flowing and everything is hard. The awesome guest room refresh plan feels kind of meh when you go shopping. The new writing project was going to be so exciting and now the blank screen is mocking you. First, get up and go for a walk (sans phone)! Next, phone a friend or consultant. There is just something about sharing creative energy that keeps you fresh. Even just being in the same space with other people creating somehow rubs off on us. That is why sometimes I prefer to work in my favorite coffee shop. We can have a tendency to retreat within when we are in a rut, but be sure that good vibes begets good vibes!

Collaboration create community. Community is important to all of us beyond creativity. We all need community as healthy happy human beings. It is the way we are meant to live and thrive as a species. Having a sense of community also enables us to have a safe place to be vulnerable. There is no growth without vulnerably. Vulnerability is not synonymous with weakness. It is a vital part of learning and expanding. It is nice to have a community to support us in these times of honest expression and growth. I highly suggest reading Daring Greatly for the best insight on vulnerability around.

working on a collaboration project with Kimberly Murray


I love learning. I wish I could devour my reading list even faster! There are so many topics on which I wish I could reach expert level. Then there are others that I find interesting and important, but I am happy to skip the deep dive. At the end of the day we have to choose the way we spend our time wisely. This is one of the best things about embracing collaboration. Attracting experts in fields outside of your own is so exciting! What an amazing gift to share knowledge in this way. When choosing your ever expanding community of collaborators be sure they are not all carbon copies of you.

Through collaborating we learn so much about ourselves and our perspectives. Through this learning we are gathering inspiration naturally. This is also a great forum to seek advice from people you trust to have the ability to walk around a situation - perhaps backwards.

Are you up for a collaboration? Don't hesitate to drop a line and let's make some magic together! 

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