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images via urban outfitters / west elm

Just add white light

It is no secret how obsessed I am with white light. If you do nothing else this holiday, just grab a big ole pack of candles and some white lights with a delicate wire cord and call it a day. String lights around the baluster, pile them up on the mantle, frame a doorway. Or, one or my faves, throw loads into a pretty glass bowl. Done and done! Check out this recent interview with Michelle Gainy of Lemiga Events for more elegant home and holiday decor ideas.

G.O. aka Greenery Only
There is something so nice about focusing on all fresh greens in the space for holiday. During a time that we have to spend so much time indoors, I love the feeling that we can still connect to nature. It is also a go to that if you want to create an easy chic space, monochromatic is a good way to go. 

images via anthropologie

images via west elm / anthropologie / urban outfitters

White Out Holiday Decor

I have this growing fascination with white trees (or menorahs)! There is something about them that feels for modern and chic. I was the girl who accented her wedding dress with black, so a white tree with metallics and black bows is kinda speaking to me! 

images via paper n stitch / anthropologie

Utilize All Senses
If you are not on the holiday decor explosion train, consider ways to accent the season with your other senses – smell, touch, sound, taste, you get it. Make a hot toddy to satisfy your holiday tastebuds. Turn that oven on for some gingerbread cookies or bring in some fragrant greens like eucalyptus. Cozy up with a luxe and fuzzy throw blanket during those holiday movie marathons. And don't forget the smell of burning wood in a warm and glowy fireplace. You can cheat by burning some palo santo or sage or lighting up some scented candles. No matter what, you can create that warm wintery feeling without having a jolly Santa or candy cane in sight! 


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