currently loving: spring picks in home, fashion, and accessories

These are a few things I'm currently loving for spring, from home and fashion to accessories and reading:

anthropologie, living room inspiration, curved sectional
Embracing curves with this lovely and sculptural sectional from Anthropologie.

the numinous, spiritual practices
That Ruby Warrington is speaking my language in a current, modern, and pretty package. If you are interested in all kinds of spiritual practices and a bit of the metaphysical, The Numinous might be something to look into.

ice blue, color inspiration, living room color inspiration, blue walls
Ice blue is still calling our name, as seen on Sotheby's Home and Paloma Contreras Instagram.

pretty protective tech cases, floral iphone case, floral galaxy case
Florals too. Shop Dolce, Analucia Blanc and Ansley Park

I am always looking for new and diverse reading recommendations and Farnam Street has quite the list and is quite the new (to me) site discovery. If you are a general knowledge nerd like me and are interested in how we learn and how to do it better, you may like this gem, if you haven't already discovered it. 

Brain Pickings is another great spot for the lover of musings on life, learning, connection, and growth.

croissants, unsplash, monika grabkowska photography
For the love of croissants! ?!*# it, I love them and they love me. Life is too short to deprive yourself of things that make you happy. Currently slightly obsessed with Alon's Bakery and Bread and Butterfly in ATL.

Ask and the Universe will provide. A friend recommended Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller and it is just what the doctor ordered. I highly recommend it.

choosy, fashion, sustainable fashion Will a direct design democracy work? Choosy is betting on yes. Their motto is we design what you tell us you want to wear - not the other way around. I am intrigued and the styles look interesting and totally wearable. While I am not entirely sure about the the looking to celebs and "influencers" for inspo, I do like what I see so far and I am inclined to give a few pieces a spin. I'll report back!

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