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Get a Green Buddy

Nothing brings new life to your space like actually bringing new life into your space! You will be surprised of the transformative effect a new green buddy will have on both your space and your mood! I love wandering for hours in a great nursery, but if you are pressed for time it may be worth checking out The Sill to order online.

Add a Little MEOW to Your Life

We keep talking about leopard, but LEOPARD! This pattern may sound extreme and a tad bit overwhelming, but it is actually a great pattern / almost neutral. Of course you can go big, bold, and extreme with this pattern, but the beauty is you can also go really subtle and make it feel like more of a texture which makes it work in any space from traditional to modern.

New Art Always Does the Trick

With so many options for affordable art now, there is no reason to have bare walls. Art is meant to make you feel something. So whatever you want to feel in your space, make it so. If you want to feel happy, energetic, inspired, romantic or you want to make a statement about your current life's moment, you can! Here is a pro tip: a simple piece of art in a great frame can make a big impact. Starting with affordable, accessible art is also a great way to begin to hone your taste for when you are ready to make a bigger investment in your collection.

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Refresh Your Bed

A few months ago, I stayed in an AirBnB that had the best bedding, and in turn, I had the best night of sleep. It was so good that we even had to ask the host where to get the bedding! Luckily he was quick to give us the goods and also, luckily, it was super affordable! Something as simple as a new set of sheets, perhaps something a bit lighter, is the perfect way to usher in a new season.

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Something Pretty, Everyday

Do you find yourself in the trap of keeping your pretty dishes and glassware saved for special occasions? Or maybe you only burn the nice candle when guests are coming over? You know what? That's stoopid. There, I said it! And I can pass judgment because I have been guilty of doing this too. Nothing actually feels better than to serve yourself a nice meal on beautiful dishes you love. This feels even better when you do it for just for yourself and for no reason at all. It actually feels like you are making a big statement solely because it makes you happy. Give it go! Bonus points if you pick up something new and special for everyday use.

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Karlie Hanson

Hi Khristian!
I really enjoy your writing. I found you on the Atlanta Magazine and thoroughly have been enjoying your fashion pieces. Your writing inspires me to write at a higher level, and for that I am utterly grateful.
I am currently a junior at UGA. I am a public relations major and am currently in PR communication. For this class, we are to choose a hypothetical client for which to create a media kit as our final project. For my hypothetical media list, I choose to use you as one of my three journalists.
Again, I think you are a wonderful writer, and I really enjoy your work.
Have a wonderful day!
Karlie :)

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