face masks to benefit NO KID HUNGRY

Mes amis,

First, I hope you are all safe and well physically, mentally and spiritually. Please remember that no matter what your circumstances, this is a moment we truly are in together. There are, without a doubt, tens of thousands of people who are feeling the same feelings you are at any given point in time. Although there may be times of loneliness, there are far more opportunities for connectivity. Never hesitate to reach out to friends, loved ones, and those that inspire when you need a little pick me up. And most importantly, remember that this too shall pass. Keep putting one foot in front of the other.

The journalist in me, by education and by marriage, will never allow me to be first out of the gate. I would rather be right than be first. So with much consideration, we have decided to offer face masks in our shop. So long as our supplier partners can provide this product, we will offer it to you. This is our new normal for the foreseeable future and as with everything in life, we believe it should feel good. We hope that a small pop of patterned goodness will provide a little comfort and levity as we adorn a new accessory that is very foreign to us all.

Shop Khristian A. Howell Face Masks to benefit NO KID HUNGRY

We have also taken much time to consider how we would like to give back during this time. A portion of each mask purchase will be donated to NO KID HUNGRY, an organization that is working to provide meals to children who rely on school lunches for the majority of their nutritional needs. As many of us reading this are either creatives or enthusiasts of all creative pursuits, it is important to remember that when our fundamental needs are not met, we are not able to think clearly, be creative, or innovate. As the world is rapidly changing, we need voices from all backgrounds, using all of their creativity to positively impact our world of tomorrow. More importantly, all children deserve to just be kids and not worry about where their next meal will come from.

It's my hope this offering will make you smile and lighten the load of a very heavy time in our lives.

Be well my friends.

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