he said she said: make him love (err, tolerate) a bold floral

Bold floral wallpaper accent wall in bathroom
image via domino

Hide it in a powder room

If you can close the door, what are we arguing about anyway? A powder room is one of those places he probably never makes it into anyway and if so, rarely. It is a tiny piece of real estate and should be an easy space for him to give you this one!

A pop of print behind shelving
images via Monica Wants It / Design Evolving

Use behind shelving
This is such a good way to incorporate a little pattern into your space. Again, the actual real estate is teeny. Plus they are shelves, so there will be other objects to break of the pattern even more. In discussion and theory, this will probably feel like a blip on his radar. We know, however, that it will actually make a really bold and beautiful statement, just look at that gorgeous Ellie Cashman floral! What he doesn't know won't hurt him! Plus, he might just love it when it is done!

Add pattern to small spaces for big impact
images via domino

Add to the back of a closet

This is, again, a space that seems like why bother? and then BAM! Suddenly you are having that how-did-I-live-with-just-a-white-wall-at-the-back-of-my-closet feeling. I can almost promise you this will barely register on his what are you doing in the house now radar.


Give a ceiling a little pow
Now this one may take a little more convincing, but the impact will be epic. This is a good place to play with floral patterns that feel more like texture or subtle tonal patterns that have small hints of metallic.

Making florals male-friendly
images via dabito / UO

Layer with masculine elements like plaids, geometrics, pinstripes, leather
Life and relationships are a give and take, right? Show him how you can celebrate being the yin to his yang by mixing typically masculine elements with your favorite floral. I love this styling as it creates an interesting tension and lots of movement in the room. Remember that you will have to be very keen on how you balance scale of prints, styling, and placement of pattern in the room.

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