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Yes, retail therapy is a real thing. I get it. The longing. The thrill of the chase. The ultimate payoff when you make it yours. Sometimes a little instant gratification and impulse is totally warranted. This is totally ok a couple of times a year. It is like having that extra cocktail...on a Monday...before the kids get home.
For all the other days of the year shopping is actually just another form of soul work.
The first thing you should be asking yourself before any design project in your space is How do I want to feel? What do I want out of this space? What will I do here? Do I want to feel energized? Relaxed? Inspired? Thoughtful? Prayerful? The answer to this question should be the number one driving force behind all of your design decisions. If you are not quite sure of the answer, sit still in one place for 5 minutes and the answer will reveal itself - promise. If you have to start with a list of what you do not want to feel, that works too!
Now you have the most important part of the equation - the why. Make this your new mantra. Write it down: I want to feel ____ in my new bedroom. I want to feel ____ in my new office. Carry it with you when you head out to shop.
This is how you shop with your soul. Basically it is The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo in reverse.
Little fact about me - it is super rare that I return anything. If I purchase something, I looooove it. Why would I need it otherwise? Anything item you buy to adorn yourself, place in your home, or use in your daily life should make you feel all the feelings! If it doesn't ,wait until you find the thing that does. We do not need to buy to buy - we just don't.

Never settle. Your home is your sanctuary. Be patient. Your body is your temple.

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