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Do you ever stop to see the magic that is in the seemingly mundane? 

Travel has and always will be a big part of who I am and how I find inspiration. However, I am in a season of life right now that does not allow for the carefree travel that I am used to. Yep, motherhood will do that to you for a minute. It is just a season, and a wonderful season that I am embracing fully.

leaf macro

The lemonade part of this is that I am reconnecting with the magic of the everyday. The magic of the everyday with my baby. The magic of routine. The magic of the seemingly mundane.

There really is magic all around us.
The gift is to be able to know this. Seek this. Appreciate this.
The secret to getting there; silence and being present in this moment, each moment.

the seemingly mundanethe everyday little things

Let's stop wishing for tomorrow. Let's stop saying, well when xyz happens, then I will be happy.

Let's see the beauty in the everyday and all that surrounds us. It is all there when you are ready to see it.

everyday inspiration

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