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If we are lucky, we will have one great love in this life. Today I am lucky enough to say I have three - my husband, a darling little boy, and Paris. Paris, however, was and always will be my first love. I was never certain if I would marry or have a family, yet what I always knew was that Paris filled me with a love that seemed like all I would ever need. Funny how a place can get in you like that. I've said many times before that I am convinced I was French in another lifetime. Perhaps one day in this life I will again call Paris home. Until then...I reminisce. 

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Do you have a "Paris"? Is there a place that feels like you were meant to be there all along? The magnetic pull is unmistakable. How can we honor this feeling? I do of course surround myself with images and inspiration that remind me of my times in this place. I also wholeheartedly know that one day I will spend more extended time there. What does it mean to have your feet in one place and your heart in another?

I think so much about all the things happening today and all the people who are feeling this on a scale that hopefully I will never have to know. What we can do? We can stop and smell the roses to be cliché. Savor these moments in the place we love. We can hold them in our hands like the petals of a delicate flower. There is no shame in understanding that every single one of these moments is precious.

Escape, play, remember, nurture the bond between you and your love, and always greet her with two kisses.

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