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The future is female, feminism making a statement on fashion and home

image via Urban Outfitters / Rebecca Minkoff

There is no denying that we are living in a unique time in American history. In this moment, art is not just imitating life, but also directly making all the feelings known, from feminism to sobriety to politics. The past few seasons have seen the return of the logo as print as well as full on "statement" product.

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Off-White luxury streetwear brand
images via Off-White / Far Fetch

Off-White has led the charge with cheeky use of strong helvetica and quotations marks to make the designer's feelings and wit very clear. The art world has never been shy about dipping into the political arena and this moment is no exception. Strong political statements are currently being expressed on tees, via artists like Janelle Monae, and of course with the now unforgettable pussy pants. I don't expect it to stop anytime soon.

Janelle Monae vagina pants make a statement in her video Pynkimage via Janelle Monae Instagram

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