mix masters: silver and bright


Get ready people. Brace yourself. You are about to see a massive return to silver and chrome. Are you OK? Still standing? Don't panic! You DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT need to chuck all the copper, brass, bronze, and rose gold that you've been relentlessly collecting and coveting. I know for the past few years it's seemed as though silver became the endangered species of the metallics. She just really wanted to be invited back to the party too.

So, what does this means IRL? In my book, the more the merrier! Why get cozy with one particular metallic when you can mix and match and play? One metallic all over can make spaces look a bit contrived and stiff. Mix things up, but don't go off the deep end. Two metallics in a space is generally good, maybe three. Just remember it is all about balance and movement. If you are worried about the "cooling-off" effect that can occur with a heavy injection of silver metallic, try mixing things up with a warm metallic like bronze and warmer colors and woods.

When it comes to mixing metallics, we really can all just get along.

silver is making a come back in home dec

images via domino / anthropologie

mixed metal in the home, silver lamp shades, metallic, silver is coming back
images via domino / madewell

mix masters, silver is making a come back
images via domino / unsplash

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