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Let's keep it all the way 100% real. My look has exactly two dimensions. Wrecked mom in workout gear and camera ready. This is partly because, I mean, life. A bigger part of this is the fact that I HATE wearing make up on my actual face. Eye make up, I'm here for it. Lipstick? Well, you know, when's the last time you have seen me without my go-to NARS Geraldine red? But foundation or anything close to it? For-freakin-get-it! Unless it's absolutely necessary. I hate the weight of it. I hate the way it feels like an actual mask. And I really, really hate the transfer effect. Give someone a hug and look! Khristian was here! Yikes! For a while I found a tinted moisturizer that I liked, but even that started to feel like too much. I just really like fresh, clean, clear skin. The big factor I have not mentioned is that I live in the south and, lucky for me (not), I am naturally a sweater. Perfect, right? Wrong! Who has time to be actually melting just to go to the corner to the store?

Then one day I was thinking to myself, OK Khristian, I can't look like THIS every time I walk into the preschool. 🤦🏽‍♀️ So I went on a hunt for something that would make me look put together without making me feel like that woman. You know, the one who has on lashes before coffee. I'm just always like why? WHYYYY? Don't you know you are beautiful and enough? If no one is telling you so, stop on by for coffee and croissants (yes, girl, live a little! croissants are amazing) and we will get you all the way together.

But, I digress. Back to the breakthrough. Somewhere along the way, during my steady-but-not-super-vigorous searching, I came across KOSAS face oil and was intrigued. I have long been a fan of using oils for moisture in lieu of creams. For years I have been using almond oil and other oils post shower. Little Barn Apothecary has been a long-time go to for such products and I have recently become totally obsessed their helichrysum + violet face oil.

KOSAS tinted face oil
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So I thought, face oil with a hint of color? SOLD! I am happy to report it has been a match made in heaven. I truly forget that I have it on. It feels fresh and radiant. The best proof? When someone commented that my face looked so nice and proceeded to grill me on what I was wearing. BOOM! My plan worked! I would highly recommend giving this one a go especially as we enter the warmer months. Side note, this is not a sponsored or affiliate post. I truly dig this product and wanted to share the magic.  

If you're already a fan of KOSAS tinted face oil or decide to pick up some to try, drop a comment in the box and let me know what you think!

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