self care: 5 things to survive the post-holiday winter blues

5 ways to keep the winter blues away

Plan Date Nights

I am the biggest fan of spontaneity in life and relationships. HOWEVER, during the cold dark winter when it is a serious struggle to want to leave the house, a bit of planning comes in handy. Fight the winter blues with planned date nights to get you out of the house. Try to do something beyond the dinner and drinks realm. This is a good time to explore your city a bit. Go to that new exhibit at the museum. Do something totally light hearted like checking out a games playground for adults like Ornsbys or Punch Bowl Social in Atlanta. If you need help coming up with ideas and / or want to hit the easy button head to Society 414 for a whole new take on elevating date night.

Use Your Community
The expression it takes a village is beyond true - more so when you just plain old run out of things to do in the winter. Luckily, kids and moms alike are pretty easy to please. Free play with a bunch of toddlers will make them happy for a minimum of three to four hours, if not all day. If you are feeling brave, invite the kids over for a play date so the kids can play til their hearts content. Win - Win!

Get Out of Town
There is nothing like escaping the cold winter for a warm weekend getaway, absolutely nothing. That feeling of cheating nature is just sooo good! Amazingly affordable post holiday travel rates are pretty easy to come by if you're looking in the right places. Check out sites like Cheap Carribean and Scotts Cheap Flights and make it happen!

Don't Be a Martyr
Another way to beat the winter is a good old fashion sweat session. It's easy during the colder months to put your head down and power through with all the obligations of work, school, kids activities, etc. But, like clockwork, after winter comes spring. So it's advisable start a workout routine started now, instead of panicking at the first sign of tank top weather. Indulge a little with a massage or steam session after and you will feel instantly renewed with an elevated mood.

Make One Home Improvement Project for the Year
I am the number one offender of trying to run in all directions at one time. Spoiler alert: It 👏🏽 never 👏🏽 works. Read The ONE Thing by Gary Keller. Then choose the one home project that you want to give some time this year. I'll go first: I want to create an urban garden in my kitchen and figure out how to grow and indoor lemon tree. Don't laugh! I heard it can be done! Now there, I said it out loud so you guys hold me accountable.

Now it's your turn: what's ONE home improvement project you want to tackle this year? Did you go on an experiential date with your partner? Take a trip to beat the winter blues? Share in the comments below!  

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