une femme pillow two ways

Our Une Femme floral throw pillow is one of our all time faves!  We know you love her too, so here are two ways you can make her work in two totally different spaces.

baby nursery inspiration with florals

sweet for babe
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Clearly Une Femme was destined to welcome home many sweet baby girls.  This pretty modern nursery will make those long (yet loving) nights a little bit easier to endure.  The navy blue throw pillow is the perfect little break in a sea of sweet pink textiles and accessories. A dark moment brings a bit of grounding to our cotton candy dreams and keeps the space from becoming saccharine.  Bonus that this pillow will grow with her as she is sweet enough for the young, but sophisticated enough for any age.  As she moves on to her hot pink phase I am sure this timeless floral throw pillow will find a perfect new home in mom's office!

combining masculine and feminine, living room ideas
selling les fleurs to le beau
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Co-habitating 101.  Learn early that everything is a negotiation.  Blending spaces and aesthetics with le beau is rarely a cut and dry easy process. It is important for you both to feel at home in the space. If you are super girly and he is super hunting lodge, the task may be a bit more intense.  However, there is always a way to make a happy home when the foundation is love (awwwww).  So, how do you sneak in your favorite floral throw pillow? The trick is to keep it subtle.  One itsy bitsy statement won't completely take him over board, but it will say a woman who needs her florals does live here!  The trick is to really work the balance between the masculine and feminine.  Leaning a bit more masculine on the larger pieces will leave you with a nice bargaining chip to bring in a pretty pillow or a sparkly light. It is all about the push and pull friends!  Plus the juxtaposition is more interesting instead of having a room that is totally one note.


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