vivre la vie: three exercises for starting within so you can radiate out

2019 is happening mes amis. January – poof! – it's gone!
Time is fleeting, as you know, so let's work together to make sure we don't let it run away with all our hopes and dreams.

Ready to get real? It has been one month since you made all those new promises to yourself at the start of the year. How you doin'? How you holding up? Have you made any measurable changes to your habits? Did you make the mistake of making an Everest for yourself? If you are feeling like what the hell happened to the month?, don't despair. Take a breath and go easy on yourself. Those big goals are important, but they don't happen in big leaps all at once. Break down each and every single day into small, even tiny, bites that you can ABSOLUTELY do without any excuses to move you closer to your goal. You can do it and we can help!

Click here for access to our Vivre La Vie guide; 3 exercises for honesty, clarity, and accountability. 

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