wedding season is in the air

his and her wedding gift ideas

 Tis the season. The planning, the prep, the drama, the tears, the giggles, and most importantly the love are all reaching a crescendo for one unforgettable night. Yes, wedding season is in full swing. I love this moment in wedding design and planning because the modern bride has really broken free of the chains staunch traditions. Wedding celebrations today are fresh, fun, fashion forward, romantic and deeply personal. All the things a celebration of love should be, right?

Like any good adventure, lots of the fun comes in the anticipation and planning. Weddings are no different. Months of gathering inspiration, shopping for the dress, visiting venus, and tasting, can all become mini parties and events! So much of the fun is in the wedding planning! It is however loads to manage. You can do it! We have a pretty line of wedding accessories that will help you keep it all under control. Bonus, the travel accessories will make it easy for you to keep it chic on all your new wedded adventures.

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