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Have you read our Mantra? Here it is – our raison d'être. I will leave it here for you as it sums up who are today and who we want to be tomorrow. 

We are confident, creative, charming and maybe a bit of a ball buster.
Let’s squeeze every bit of wine (preferably champagne) out of this life.
We are leaders, trend setters, and spiritual guides for the loved ones in our lives.
Not fussy. Never prissy. Always put together.
We make it all look easy because for us it is.

My hope is that you are here because you can feel a vibration down to your very cells when you read this.


This is really ALL about the feelings. Design is simply the vehicle to help us have more conversations and deeper intimacy with ourselves. Design forces us to have an opinion. Design forces us to ask ourselves, what do I really want, how do want to feel.

The brilliant part of embracing all of this curiosity is that it is highly contagious. When we get honest about how we want to feel in our dwellings, in our clothing, with our food, we actually create more space for creativity and intuition to come through. This energy radiates out to our relationships and beyond. 

Look, let's be clear. This is all a journey and we are all on this magical ride together. What I know is space, clarity and curiosity will help lead us to our most elevated self. This is where the fearless part comes in. Lots of things take an immense amount of courage.

Creativity takes courage.
Curiosity takes courage.
Confidence takes courage.

You can easily see that there is no room for fear in these pursuits.  

This fearless word is floating around in our collective consciousness lately. It can be intimidating, but remember that perfection is by no means any part of this equation. The release of fear is the first step on the path of freedom that I believe we are all seeking.

The Everygirl interview

Learning to fear less is an evolution. Living a chic life has many different facets. One day I am the woman in the first image literally breathing in the passion of Paris.  

The next day I am moving my business to Chicago and questioning my purpose.

The next day I am back to where it all started while returning to my post-mommy-self.

The next day I am all in, playing in the toddler world.  

What is the constant chic string through all of this? The honesty, confidence, and courage to say I don't know, or This Mommy gig is hard, or What's next? There is something beautiful and radiant about surrendering to the present moment. This is when we are our most beautiful. Somehow when the pieces are coming apart we actually feel our most put together. It really is pure magic and everyone around you can feel it.

Confidence takes courage.
Confidence makes us chic.
Faith makes us fearless.

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Of course you know sharing is caring. There is a energy shift happening and we are all lucky enough to bear witness.

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